The Lower Lea Valley

A walk from the Isle of Dogs to Stratford High Street, via Robin Hood Gardens, Chrisp Street Market, the Lansbury Estate, the Limehouse Cut and Three Mills. 

Canary Wharf is // the gravestone of the West India Docks

Robin Hood Gardens is // a collapsing smile

The church is // closed for business

The Public Baths have become // a public bloodbath

Chrisp Street Market Tower is // oddly as if Florence was built in 1951

The Lansbury Estate is // the legacy of the 1951 Festival of Britain

The Limehouse Cut is // a filthy mouth and the oldest in London

Spratt’s // no longer make dog biscuits

Three Mills is // a time machine and faintly redolent of Bazalgettian sewerage

Some signposts // signify volumes

The Spirit of Stratford //


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