Assembly 1 // Destruction // Carla Wright

In the second of an ongoing series of Assembly 1 // Destruction spin-off posts, we feature one of three pieces contributed by Carla Wright: Brownfields. Positioned on the night alongside two drawings – one of a single breeze block; the other, titled Speer’s Block (Heavy Body Burden), based on a huge concrete block made to test Berlin’s marshy ground for future plans of Hitler’s World Capital Germania – Brownfields is part of a (work in progress) series of staged construction sites exploring land usage and the arbitrary planning rules and regulations of construction.

Carla Wright, Brownfields

My work examines social housing and communal architecture of our new towns and cities. Through documenting pyschogeographical wanderings and excursions, drawings are made based on specific buildings and structures. The intention is to critique planned societies and governed life, the processes of urban planning driven by political and economic demands, whilst paying little regard to our needs and aspirations. The work intends to archive our modern buildings before demolition, and the buildings that are functioning but in a state of disrepair. Council estates, concrete structures, social centres, play areas, brick walls, churches, construction sites and patio gardens all appear as modern ruins in the work, whilst acting as documentation and an exploration into the effects of the built environment that we were born into and the significance of it to the social order of an estate, town and a country.


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