Call me. Writing like feeling music.

In the business of writing, what one accumulates is not experience but uncertainties _Joseph Brodsky

At a seminar on a day in a room an architectural writer (‘I’m glad I was not introduced as a theorist’) spoke about the value of vagueness and the peripheral for creative work.

When asked about his own approach to writing, he related that when he draws he feels free, unconstrained, takes risks. But when he writes he is burdened by structure. And so he tries to write like it feels to draw.

I don’t draw very often. But I do play music. And so while I left the seminar unsure about how to hold on to the notion of uncertainty as necessary for creativity (how to yoke uncertainty as creative and at the same time a possible form of economic or psychic violence), I wondered what it would be like to write as it feels to play music. Except I don’t know what it feels to play music, but to play music.

And so I played music, an improvised, one cut recording on an iPhone, played back for the first time while typing what I heard.


Call me from Adam Kaasa on Vimeo.


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